Sell Your Listing In Just One Day – You Pick The Day!

We have worked with and helped hundreds of real estate agents and brokers throughout New York State to sell their listings at auction and we are always looking for dedicated and reliable real estate professionals to partner with us. creates a WIN-WIN for buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers with marketing support, lead generation and “proven results.” The best part is, agents can partner with us on a per listing basis as our affiliate and don’t need to move their real estate license or leave their current broker to reap the benefits of using our online real estate auction service.

Affiliate partners gain additional knowledge on how to find new listing sources and generate additional revenue for themselves and their broker. Many sellers, investors, lending institutions, developers, land owners, and builders are in need of a solution that our auction services provide.

We do all the marketing, buyer prospecting and make the follow up calls to ensure the word gets out about your offering. When a potential buyer inquires about your listings, we will hand them off to you or negotiate a bid or offer on your behalf.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Sell your listings in just one day
  • Keep 100% of your commission
  • Draw extensive traffic to your listings
  • Save valuable time and marketing costs
  • Generate more leads than your average listing
  • Earn commission as a cooperating agent, referral agent, broker or listing agent
  • Be assured the property will sell at True Market Value

If you currently have a listing and would like to discuss how you can potentially sell it faster at auction using, please call 1-877-247-7653 or email us at