Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive. Feel free to contact us if you can't find the answers to your questions at: 1-844-247-7653 Ext 1 or via email at: support@realestateauction.com

How Do I Become a Bidder with RealEstateAuction.com? Click the following link to create a free bidder account: https://realestateauction.com/register

What Is the Difference Between a Spectator and a Bidder?
Users are required to confirm their email address when they create an account. A spectator is someone who has created an account but has not confirmed his or her email address. Spectators cannot bid in auctions. Bidders, however, have confirmed their email addresses and have the opportunity to bid in auctions. 

How Do I Find Out More Information About a Property?
Click on any property to access the property description page. On this page, you will find additional information about the property, including a description, documents, bid history, and more. 

How Do I Ask a Question About a Property?
Click on any property to access the property detail page, and you will see a tab labeled "Questions." Use this feature to submit questions about the property. The auctioneer will enter a response, which will be displayed publicly on the property. To ask a private question, click the message icon at the top of the page to send a private message to the auctioneer. 

How Do I Bid On a Property?
There are several ways to bid on a property. 1) Interested buyers may submit a pre-auction bid prior to the start of the online bidding. If your pre-auction bid is accepted, the auction will be canceled. To submit a pre-auction bid, contact the listing agent for the property you are interested in. 2) Interested buyers can also submit a written bid by mail, fax or email. 3) Live online bidding is also available. To submit a written bid or live online bid, you must first register by downloading the "Bidder Registration Forms" for the property you are interested in.     

How Do I Keep Track of My Current Bid?
After signing in to your account, click on the gavel icon. This takes you to your Watchlist, where you can see your current bid in the upper right corner of the page.

Do I Have to Provide My Credit Card Information When I Create a Bidder Account?
No, RealEstateAuction.com will not ask for your credit card information when creating a free account. However, some auctions may require a nominal hold on your credit card to before you are approved to bid online. You will find more details by clicking the "Bidder Qualification" tab located on the property description page for the property you are interested in. 

Can I Make Payments Through RealEstateAuction.com?
All payments must be coordinated between the bidder and the listing broker. Specific payment instructions can be found in the Auction Terms and Conditions for the property you are interested in.

How Can I Find Out About Upcoming Auctions?
Keep current on upcoming auctions by liking us on Facebook and signing up for our mailing list. That way, you'll never miss that next great deal! You can also browse our site for upcoming auctions. Once you've signed in to your account, your home screen will display an assortment of live and upcoming auctions. Upcoming auctions will have a countdown clock highlighted in blue with details on when the auction is scheduled to start. If an auction is already underway, the countdown clock will be highlighted in green. 

What Types of Notifications Will I Receive As a Bidder?
In order to keep you up-to-date with all of your account activity, we developed a notification system that notifies you whenever certain activities occur. To view your notifications, simply click the bell-shaped notification icon in the top right corner of your screen whenever you are signed in to the RealEstateAuction.com site.

What Types of Emails Will I Receive As a Bidder?
If you'd like to receive email updates about upcoming auctions and events, make sure to sign up for our real estate auction email alerts!

What Is the Difference Between a Reserve Auction and an Absolute Auction?
An absolute auction is one where the property is sold to the highest qualified bidder with no limiting conditions or amount. A reserve auction is one in which the seller retains the right to establish a minimum price.

What Is a Buyer's Premium?
A buyer's premium is an advertised percentage of the high bid or flat fee added to the high bid to determine the total contract price to be paid by the buyer. 

What Are Bid Increments?
A bid increment is a dollar amount established by the auctioneer that determines the next minimum bid that will be accepted for a property. Auctioneers have the option to choose a custom dollar amount or percentage for bid increments, or they can choose the Bid Chart, which provides pre-set proportional bid increments. 

What Are Max Bids?
A max bid, or maximum bid, is the highest price a bidder will pay for an item, submitted in confidence using the RealEstateAuction.com automated bidding system to facilitate proxy bidding. You tell us how much you are willing to spend for the property, and our auto bid feature will automatically bid on your behalf up to that maximum amount.

How Do I Know If I Have Already Placed a Max Bid on a Property?
Not sure if you've already placed a max bid on a property? There are a couple of different ways to find out. The first way to find out is by simply visiting the property detail page. If you have placed a max bid, there will be a message below the property's bid box indicating that you've placed a max bid.

What Are Quick Bids?
Quick bids allow users to quickly place the next minimum bid on a property with the click of a button. If you want to place a quick bid, all you have to do is click the Bid button, and the next minimum bid will be placed. 

What Are Pre-Bids?
A pre-bid is a bid accepted on an upcoming auction. Pre-bids function very similarly to actual bids. When the auction goes live, the bid is automatically placed on your behalf. Pre-bidding is useful in cases where an auction is scheduled to go live during a time when you know you won't be able to participate. 

How Will I Know When I've Been Outbid?
When you have been outbid, we will notify you with an email and a notification, which also provides a link to quickly return to the item to re-bid. 

What Are Estimated Values?
Estimated values, which are displayed below the bid box on the property detail page, are values set by the auctioneer to provide bidders with an idea of the actual value of a property up for auction. The estimated values are displayed as a range, including the lowest estimated value and the highest estimated value (i.e. $350.00-$550.00). The range of estimated values serves as a guide for how much to bid on items. Buyers are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence before bidding to determine actual property values. 

How Do I Update My Address?
After signing in, click on "Welcome, (Your Username)" at the top of the screen.  Select "Manage my bidder account" from the dropdown menu. Click the "Addresses" tab.  Click the "Add new address" button.  Fill in the fields with your updated address information. Be sure to check the box marked "Set as primary physical address," if applicable. Finally, click the "Create new address" button. 

How Do I Change My Password?
Click the Welcome message in the top menu, which will give you a drop-down list of options. Click on "Manage my bidder account." On this screen, you will see three tabs at the top: Contact, Addresses, and Settings. Click the Settings tab, and you will see the option to change your password.

How Can I Keep Up with RealEstateAuction.com News and Updates?
You can subscribe to our email Auction Alerts, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Periscope for news, updates, press releases, and much more! 

How Do I Contact Support?
When you run into a technical issue, click the "Support" tab on the left side of your screen. A box will pop up with fields for your email address, subject and description of the problem. From within the support window, you can take a screenshot of the current page you are on to help demonstrate the issue. You may also attach a file to your message, if needed. Click submit, and you will be notified when a solution is available. 

How Do I Become an Auctioneer with RealEstateAuction.com?
Click the following to learn how to partner with RealEstateAuction.com: Partner With Us

What is the difference between online and on-site events?
An online only auction is held only on the website and accepts online bids only. An on-site event is held at a physical location and accepts in-person bids only. There are also occasions where the event will be both online AND on-site. In this instance, online bids are accepted up to the day of the on-site event, or even during the on-site event while in-person bids are being accepted.